Deck Builders Scranton Hardwood or Composite?

Now that the weather is cooling off and we are beginning to spend more time outdoors, it is a great time to think about building or rebuilding your deck for next spring. While hardwood decks add great beauty and value to any home there are also some definite pros and cons associated with composite and vinyl decking. The following article by Deck Builders Scranton will discuss some of the advantages of each type of decking material while exploring which may be best for you.


Composite Decks (PVC boards) Pros:

– Very low maintenance requirements: Composite boards don’t need staining like wood decks do so they require no ongoing labor on your part to keep them looking their best.

– Resists high amounts of moisture & rot better than other materials such as wood or plastic

– Resists warping, splitting, and cracking better than other materials


Composite Decks (PVC boards) Cons:

– Some composite boards emit hazardous chemicals which can be harmful to your family members.

– At this time there are no long-term studies confirming the safety of composite decks for children or pets.

– These boards also tend to cost considerably more than hardwood options.

– Homeowners who upgrade their deck with composites must make sure that they plan ahead as these decks don’t allow users to simply replace individual planks as traditional wood decks do. When a board breaks homeowners will need to replace the entire board rather than just fixing one plank at a time. This can be a problem in the case of broken boards because these boards typically aren’t stocked and can take up to 2-4 weeks for manufacturers to replace them.

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Hardwood Decks Pros:

– Naturally beautiful look which matches any style of home and landscaping

– Adds value and beauty to your home compared to vinyl or composite options

– Can be stained, painted, or left unfinished depending on the homeowner preference

– Boards are sold individually so homeowners can replace individual boards as necessary. This allows repairs to be made quickly with minimal cost involved.


Hardwood Decks Cons:

– Tricky installation process means that this type of deck requires more labor hours during the initial build phase.  Composite decks are often easier to install than hardwood decks.

– Maintenance requirements such as staining and refinishing boards can be very time-consuming requiring multiple hours of work per year to keep the deck in good shape.

– This option tends to cost more than composite or vinyl options, however, it is still cheaper than most building projects.


When considering which type of decking material will best suit your needs make sure that you spend plenty of time researching all types of available materials before making a final decision. Read reviews, take a look at online tutorials about installation processes and make sure that your final decision works for both your budget and lifestyle before signing off on any project. With the right information from Scranton Deck Builders, you should have no problem finding the perfect decking solution for your home.

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