Deck Builders Scranton Pa

After being called to do a job, deck builders in Scranton pa will often get right to work. Deckbuilding is a precise project that requires precise measurements and precise construction of the materials used. The decks must be built level and sturdy because people use them for relaxing and enjoying their free time.


The first step in construction is to decide on what type of wood to use. Decks are usually either made out of cypress, redwood, or cedar because they’re strong woods that resist rot when treated properly. Cypress is the cheapest option, but it’s also not as resilient as its sister woods. Cedar isn’t too bad when it comes to cost, but it has a tendency to buckle in wet weather so it doesn’t hold itself together well. Redwood is the most expensive option, but it’s also the most durable and stable when treated properly.


Choosing a type of wood to use in construction will often determine how much time a deck builder will have to spend treating it before they can use it in a job. Cypress needs very little treatment, so they can start building almost immediately. Cedar doesn’t need much more than a quick sanding and some primer before being built with. Redwood takes the longest because they have to wait for their moisture content to adjust from wherever it was cut from back to an even level throughout the whole material before using it in a job.


There are two main types of decks: framed and frameless. Frameless decks are built using joists that are bolted to the ground and capped with wood boards. Framed decks are built with large beams of wood that sit on top of concrete footings. Frameless decks are the cheapest option, but they’re also very weak because they have no beam holding them together. Framed decks are more expensive, but they’re much sturdier because the main beam gives it a lot of support.Deck Builders Scranton Pa


After choosing what type of deck to build, workers will either frame or install their joists first. Wood is first cut and then put on a flat surface and measured for length and width. It’s then sanded on both sides until it’s smooth enough to be used as a walking area for people who want to relax outside.


Framed decks are built with larger beams that fit into the ground. Workers take a large beam and cut it to size before putting it into its permanent place. They then measure and mark where their reinforcement metal brackets need to go next before bolting them in and securing them with screws. The deck is then stained and treated, before workers put on their finishing touches. The last step in construction is typically mounting all of the light fixtures or hanging hammocks from whatever area they were assigned to work on.


After the whole process, people who hired deck builders Scranton pa can enjoy relaxing outside as much as they want without worrying about falling through an old rotted out piece of wood like was done in years past! Which one do you want to build? Framed or frameless?

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